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Vernonia Springs is truly the “jumping off point” for the Banks-Vernonia State Trail. The trail runs through the Vernonia Springs property and is less than 300 feet from the straw bale day lodge. Our bike rental fleet includes; electric bikes, comfort cruiser bikes and hybrid bikes.  Ride the 21 mile paved rails-to-trails bicycle trail that runs from Banks to Vernonia. The Banks-Vernonia State Trail is part of the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway.  Vernonia Springs is located 6 miles south of downtown Vernonia and 15 miles north of Banks in the Tualatin Valley.  For more information on cycling in this area go HERE.  We are open limited hours for bike rentals, so please confirm we are open before coming out.

Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

Try one of our Rad Power e bike rentals and cruise the trail effortlessly while taking in all of the surrounding beauty and cruising up the hills with ease.  For folks who want a more traditional pedal bike experience, our Trek Verve 2 hybrid rental bikes or our Townie comfort cruiser rental bikes will not disappoint you. These bike rentals allow riders of all levels of fitness to comfortably enjoy this amazing trail. Be prepared for a great day of fun! Bicycle rental rates: e bikes rentals are $50 half-day (four hours), and $85 full-day ( eight hours) pedal bike rentals are $25 half-day (four hours), and $35 full-day (8 hours).  For more information on bicycle rentals please fill out the form below.  Reserve your rental  bikes in advance by indicating # of bikes, style of bike (hybrid, cruiser or ebike), men’s or women’s and date and time for pickup.

Popular Rides

BV Cruiser Ride
Most Popular (difficulty – easy). Once you get to Vernonia Springs rent one of our cruiser bikes and take a relaxing 12-14 mile ride into downtown Vernonia (12 miles round trip). If you ride out to Vernonia Lake that adds 2 miles to your trip for a total round trip of 14 miles. The BV Cruiser Rider option is considered an easy ride that is very family friendly.

BV Challenge Ride
(difficulty – moderate). If you are looking for a more challenging ride then this option may be what you are looking for. Rent one of our Trek Hybrid Verve bikes so you can stand up on the peddles if needed for the hilly portions of the trail.  From Vernonia Springs to Banks (BV Trail Head) is approximately 15 miles (30 miles round trip). On the way you can check out Stub Stewart State Park (approximately 4 miles from Vernonia Springs).  Be sure to email in advance to reserve your bike rentals!

Bike Rentals Bike Rentals
Bike Rentals

Fly and Bike

Fly into PDX and take public transportation to Everybody Bikes. Rent your touring bike.  Jump on the Max light rail blue line to Hillsboro.  From Hillsboro you can ride a designated bike route to the Banks-Vernonia State Trail head.  Vernonia Springs is approximately 15.5 miles down the trail.

For an extended adventure, ride to the historic city of Astoria on the Oregon Coast.  It is approximately 27 miles from the Hatfield Government Center MAX station in Hillsboro to Vernonia Springs.

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