Do you need to unwind and relax? How does the fresh air of the Oregon Coast Range sound? If that is what you are looking for then you have found the right place! Our yurt glamping overnight accommodations are truly unique and special. Book your yurt HERE

Trout Pond

Vernonia Springs is located just 38 miles from Portland … we look forward to your arrival! Vernonia Springs is approximately halfway between Portland and Cannon Beach so be sure to drop by on your way to the beautiful Oregon coast.

Vernonia Springs had been a u-catch trout farm for over 70 years when we purchased the property back in 2013. The property consists of 28 acres of forest land with a pond, creek and many springs (hence the name). Over the last five years, we went through the legal process of converting the property to a private park so others could also enjoy this very special and unique place. This is our second full season of operation … so please bear with us as we slowly but surely bring this property back to where it should be. We will look forward to seeing you out here!

Three years ago we completed construction of the first permitted straw bale building in Columbia County’s history. The “day lodge” will keep you cool on the hot days and warm by the fire when it is cold outside. Inside the lodge you will find tables and chairs for eating meals, playing games, web surfing and hanging out. The lodge is open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The peeled log pavilion was the only significant structure in place when we purchased the property … and is it ever something special! The logs were all taken from the property over thirty years ago and raised by hand to build this beautiful structure. During the summer we enjoy an outstanding Mediterranean climate … so you will most likely want to spend a good amount of time chilling out here.

The pavilion sits next to the trout pond and the floating dock, so hanging out here is pretty special. Whether you are relaxing in one of the hammocks or suspended chairs … take your time … there is no rush! If you are feeling up to it we have games available for use such as Beanbag Toss, Giant Jenga, Bocce Ball as well as other lawn and board games.

Straw Bale Day Lodge

Chinook Yurt

Yurt Rentals
In 2016 we began renting three yurts on AirBnB and enjoyed great success … thank you! In 2019 we will have a total of five yurts available for rent. See all of our five-star reviews HERE.

The yurts and wall tents are truly something special and redefine what “Glamping” should be all about! We looked at every yurt manufacturer in the U.S. and went with Pacific Yurts out of Cottage Grove Oregon. There simply isn’t a higher quality yurt made anywhere.

Each of our five yurts is 200 sq. ft. and exceptionally clean and well maintained. Each yurt has a queen bed, quality comforter, sheets, pillows, and towels. Also included is a heater, lighting, wifi, and power to recharge your phone. We have what you need for overnight accommodations. Search for yurt rental availability HERE.

Wall Tent Rentals
Starting in 2019 our wall tents will only be available for group campouts. The canvas wall tents we provide are the highest quality available and made by a local company by the name Beckel Tents.

Beckel has been producing these tents for over 50 years in SE Portland. If you pay them a visit you can watch them stitch your tent right before your eyes … very cool! These 12′ x 12′ wall tents are set up on platforms and supported by rough sawn cedar internal frame.

All the wood was harvested and milled locally. This is as good as it gets for tent Glamping! The tent includes a queen bed, quality comforter, sheets, pillows, and towels. Also included is lighting and power to recharge your phone or computer.

Hillbilly Wall Tent

Campfire and S’mores

Group Camping
If you have a group you would like to camp with … Vernonia Springs might just be the place you are looking for! Group rental options include yurts, wall tents, 2-person tent rentals and high-quality meal plans. All that your group has to do is show up and enjoy your stay … we do the rest! Contact Us to inquire about package deals for your group.

Our Yurts and tents don’t have running water but our nearby modern bathroom and shower building offers individual locking shower and bathroom units so you don’t have to share with others while in use. We pride ourselves on providing the cleanest bath and shower rooms you will ever see at an outdoor facility like this.

At night relax by the warm fire while reminiscing with friends and family about the day’s adventures. Do you love roasting marsh mellows and or making S’mores over the fire … don’t worry we have you covered!

Vernonia Springs is truly the “jumping off point” for the Banks-Vernonia State Trail. The BV trail as they call it is a 21 mile paved “rails-to-trails” bicycle trail that runs from Banks to Vernonia. The BV Trail is also part of the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway. Vernonia Springs is located 6 miles up the trail from downtown Vernonia and 15 miles from Banks in the Tualatin Valley. The trail entrance at Vernonia Springs is less than 200 feet from the straw bale lodge.

Bicycle Rentals
If you don’t bring your own bicycles … we are now renting Trek hybrid and comfort cruiser bikes. Whether you are a first-time rider with a lower level of fitness or an experienced rider in awesome shape … these bikes will allow you to comfortably cruise the trail. Last year we completed the “Big Shorty” ½ mile multi-use trail on the property. Whether you want to take your MTB bike for a quick spin or take a relaxing walk … the Big Shorty is a beautiful and relaxing way to unwind. The trail starts at the pond and winds through forest and pastureland. The BV trail is also available for walking/hiking as well. Learn more about bicycle rentals HERE.

All guests that pay for any services while at Vernonia Springs receive free on-site parking. A $5.00 day use parking charge applies if you don’t purchase any services while you are at Vernonia Springs. Purchased services include overnight accommodations, meals etc. When you arrive we will give you a parking receipt to place on your dashboard. You must have this dashboard receipt visible or risk being towed. Please park in the designated parking area (to the left once you cross the bridge at the entrance to the property). We close our gate at night in order to provide the highest level of security possible for our guests. Not suitable for pets. Vernonia Springs is a non-smoking facility. Not recommended for children ages 0-2. Well behaved children 3 years and older are welcome. For more information contact us HERE. To book a yurt Go Here.

Rent a Cruiser Bike and Ride the BV State Trail