Banks Vernonia State Trail at Vernonia SpringsIf you have never ridden the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, add it to your bucket list!  This amazing 21-mile paved rails to trails bike trail is truly spectacular!  If you don’t have your own bike, Vernonia Springs can provide you with either a comfort cruiser or hybrid bike rental.  See our bike rental page HERE.

Start at either trailhead in Banks or Vernonia, Oregon.  Vernonia Springs also offers free secure parking and other services for guests either staying the night or purchasing a meal from our licensed food cart.  Call ahead and we can have a to go meal ready for your adventure.  If you choose to start your ride at Vernonia Springs and head north on the trail, you will have a slight downgrade as you head into town on your six-mile journey.  Once in town, if you choose to ride out to Vernonia Lake, your total round trip ride back to Vernonia Springs is approximately 14 miles.  Most cyclists can do this ride in 2-4 hours depending on your physical condition and how long you stay in Vernonia.  The ride into Vernonia is a great ride for all skill levels.  If you would like a more challenging ride, head south on the trail from Vernonia Springs.  This is definitely a more challenging ride with more uphill sections.  You can cruise south on the tBanks-Vernonia State Trail at Vernonia Springsrail to reach Stub Stewart State Park which approximately four miles up the trail.  Stub Steward has a killer mountain biking complex that is definitely worth riding.  The ride south on Stub Stewart State Park the trail into downtown Banks is approximately 15 miles.  You should plan for at least five hours for this more challenging ride depending on your skill level.

As mentioned previously, if you are interested in renting a bike from Vernonia Springs, view our Bike Rental page HERE.  For more general information or to order your to go meal from our food cart contact us HERE.  Although we typically keep normal business hours, please contact us before coming to make sure we are here to help you.  We are a small operation and could be out for a ride!